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Lawn & Garden

Lawn Mowers & Garden Supplies

Through the 60+ years we have been in business, we have always been committed to working with lawn mower brands that we feel are the highest quality for the cost. Our partnerships arose from experience working with these mower manufacturers and were hand selected by us to sell in our store. Since we have this experience working with hand-selected brands, we can provide service and parts for all mowers that we sell as well!

  •  Arborist Supplies
  •  Lawn Fertilizer
  •  Weed Control
  •  Sprayers
  •  Garden Tools
  •  Shovels
  •  Garden Hoes
  •  Axes and hatchets
Hustler Mowers Dealer

Lawn Mowers

Y&W Farm Center has a full inventory of selection ranging from Zero Turn Mowers all the way to push mowers. We take pride in the products we sell and only stock the best brands from the best manufacturers. This dedication to our product line also means we provide service for all of the mowers we sell! Come on down today and check out our selection before your next mower purchase.


CLEARANCE PRICING on Dixie Chopper Zee 2 mowers

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Commitment To Quality

Selection of Lawn Mowers

Y&W Farm Center has a commitment to honesty, integrity and just a down-right quality product. We have the experts to help you choose the right mower perfectly sized for your needs as well as answer any potential questions you have. Trust us- we’ve heard it all! Along with our mower expertise, we also deliver all mowers to your home & have them full of gas on arrival. Your new mower will be ready to groom your lawn on arrival! We hope our commitment to excellence leads you to choose Y&W Farm Center for your next mower purchase.

Commitment To Community

Y&W Farm Center also has a commitment to our community. We’re teaming up with L.O.T. 2540 and donating $25 of every mower sold in 2019!

L.O.T. 2540’s mission is to form relationships with their clients and through those connections to see their clients achieve self-sufficiency. Visit lot2540.com to learn more!


Lawn Care and Prep for Winter 2019

Winter weather in the Carolinas doesn’t exactly bring to mind yard work and landscaping, but it’s important not to go dormant just because your plants do. Here are a few things you can be working on in the Winter of 2018 and 2019. And remember, Y&W can help!

  • Aerate Your Lawn – A lot goes into determining how often to aerate your lawn. How much it’s trafficked, the type of grass and more. However, it should be aerated at least once a year to help prevent compaction and allow nutrients to get deeper to the roots
  • Use Those Pesky Leaves for Something Good! – Mulching some of the leaves that fall in your yard can make good fertilizer, giving your grass the nutrients it needs to survive the harsher weather
  • Continue to Water your Lawn – Just because the sun isn’t beating down on your yard, doesn’t mean your grass can’t use a little H2O. Continue watering as needed until there’s a risk of freezing.
  • Start Planning! – Formulate a plan for the spring. Begin shopping for equipment you need now before you’re too busy to do it later. See the experts at Y&W Farm Center and get your yard looking great for 2019!

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